The genus Disperis (Orchidaceae) in Madagascar, the Comores, the Mascarenes and the Seychelles

Isobyl la CROIX, Jean BOSSER & Phillip J. CRIBB

en Adansonia 24 (1) - Pages 55-87

Published on 03 July 2002

The terrestrial orchid genus Disperis in Madagascar and the Comores, the Seychelles and the Mascarenes is revised and a key is provided for the identification of the 22 species that are currently recognised. Six new Madagascan species, D. bathiei, D. bosseri, D. ciliata, D. lanceolata, D. masoalensis and D. falcatipetala, and a new variety of D. oppositifolia (var. mascarenensis) from La Réunion are described. Disperis borbonica from La Réunion is reduced to varietal status within D. discifera.


Orchidaceae, Disperis, Madagascar, Comoro islands, Mascarenes, Seychelles

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