Brassaiopsis producta (Dunn) C.-B. Shang, a new record of Araliaceae from Vietnam

Jun WEN, Tiên Hiêp NGUYÊN, Thi Hoan DUONG & Thanh Huong NGUYEN

en Adansonia 24 (1) - Pages 117-119

Published on 03 July 2002

Brassaiopsis producta (Dunn) C.-B. Shang (Araliaceae) is herein reported to occur in Ha Giang, Lang Son and Son La provinces, Vietnam. The taxon was previously known only from China (Guangxi, Guizhou, and Yunnan provinces). It is similar to the widespread B. glomerulata in the prickly stems and palmately compound leaves, but is easily distinguished from the latter by B. producta's evergreen and subcoriaceous leaves and its 5- or rarely 4-locular ovaries.


Araliaceae, Brassaiopsis, Brassaiopsis producta, Schefflera, Vietnam

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