Notes on Secamonoideae (Apocynaceae) in Africa


en Adansonia 23 (2) - Pages 317-335

Published on 28 December 2001

The African taxa that have been referred to Toxocarpus (Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae) are revised. All three species, including one species sometimes placed in a monotypic genus, Rhynchostigma, are transferred to Secamone. The following recombinations are made: Secamone brevipes (Benth.) Klack., S. letouzeana (H. Huber) Klack. and S. racemosa (Benth.) Klack. In addition a fourth species is described as new and given the name S. goyderi Klack. Keys to the genera of subfamily Secamonoideae from continental Africa and Madagascar and to the continental African species of genus Secamone are given. Descriptions, distributions and drawings of the four species added to Secamone are given.

Apocynaceae, Secamonoideae, Africa
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