Aralia kingdon-wardii J. Wen, Lowry & Esser, a new name for an Asian Araliaceae

Jun WEN, Porter P. LOWRY II & Hans-Joachim ESSER

en Adansonia 23 (2) - Pages 307-310

Published on 28 December 2001

Gamblea longipes Merrill and Pentapanax trifoliatus K.-M. Feng are the same taxon, and are properly placed in Aralia L. sect. Pentapanax (Seem.) J. Wen. Because the name Aralia longipes is already occupied, a nomen novum, Aralia kingdon-wardii, is proposed. The taxon occurs in Bhutan, NE India, N Myanmar (Burma) and western China (Xizang and Yunnan), and appears to be most closely related to A. fragrans (D. Don) Jebb & J. Wen.


Araliaceae, Aralia, Aralia sect. Pentapanax, Gamblea

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