Aralia fragrans (D. Don) Jebb & Wen, a new combination in Araliaceae

Matthew JEBB & Jun WEN

en Adansonia 23 (2) - Pages 311-314

Published on 28 December 2001

Hedera fragrans D. Don and Aralia leschenaultii (DC.) J. Wen are identical, but the former has nomenclatural priority. A new combination, Aralia fragrans, is thus required. Aralia fragrans belongs to Aralia sect. Pentapanax and is widely distributed in Asia including Bangladesh, Bhutan, China (Yunnan), India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, north Thailand (Chiang Mai), and north Vietnam (Lao Cai). It appears to be closely related to Aralia kingdon-wardii J. Wen, Lowry & Esser..


Aralia, Aralia sect. Pentapanax, Aralia fragrans, Araliaceae

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