Deux espèces nouvelles de Rinorea (Violaceae) du Congo et du Gabon


fr Adansonia 23 (1) - Pages 155-159

Published on 29 June 2001

Two new species of Rinorea (Violaceae) from Congo and Gabon.

Two new species of Rinorea are described from the forests of Congo and Gabon: R. botryoides and R. zanagensis. With its racemose inflorescences, R. botryoides belongs to the section Ardisianthus Engl. which is less diversified in Africa and contains rare Rinorea species with strictly actinomorphic flowers. With its corymbose inflorescences and its zygomorphic flowers, R. zanagensis belongs to subsection Subintegrifoliae Engl. of the section Violanthus with deep urceolate staminal tubes, a group exclusive to Africa.

Keywords :

Rinorea, Violaceae, Ardisianthus, Violanthus, Congo, Gabon

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