Contribution à l'étude des Orchidaceae de Madagascar et des Mascareignes. XXXI. Espèces et combinaisons nouvelles dans les genres Oeceoclades, Eulophia et Eulophiella

Jean BOSSER & Philippe MORAT

fr Adansonia 23 (1) - Pages 7-22

Published on 29 June 2001

Contribution to the study of the Orchidaceae of Madagascar and the Mascarenes. XXXI. New species and combinations in the genera Oeceoclades, Eulophia and Eulophiella.

The characters used by Garay & Taylor and by Summerhayes to distinguish the genera Oeceoclades Lindl. and Eulophia Lindl. are discussed. These two widely distributed tropical genera each contain c. 20 species in Madagascar. Four new species of Oeceoclades are described and two new combinations are made. A new species of Eulophia is described and Eulophia galbana Ridl. is transferred to the Malagasy endemic genus Eulophiella Rolfe, which now includes five species.


Madagascar, Orchidaceae, Oeceoclades, Eulophia, Eulophiella

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