Étude comparative de la production de chaleur chez quelques Araceae


fr Adansonia 22 (2) - Pages 253-263

Published on 29 December 2000

Comparative study of heat production in some Araceae.

The thermogenetic cycle of the inflorescences is compared in the genera Anubias, Cercestis, Dieffenbachia, Homalomena and Philodendron. The genera Philodendron, Anubias and Homalomena have a thermogenetic cycle characterized by the production of two peaks of heat. In Dieffenbachia and Cercestis the cycle is characterized by the presence of a single peak appearing during the first day of the floral cycle. Differences between these two thermogenetic patterns are linked with pollination mecanisms.

Araceae, thermogenesis, flower, heat, temperature, inflorescence
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