Flower anatomy and morphology of Exodeconus maritimus (Solanaceae, Solaneae) and Nicandra physalodes (Solanaceae, Nicandreae): importance for their systematic relationships


en Adansonia 22 (2) - Pages 187-199

Published on 29 December 2000

A comparative analysis of anatomical and morphological features of the flower was conducted on Exodeconus maritimus (Benth.) D'Arcy (Solanaceae, Solaneae) and Nicandra physalodes (L.) Gaertn. (Solanaceae, Nicandreae). The histology of the dehiscence zone, fertility and degree of pubescence of the anthers differ markedly between the two. The shape of the stigma, the cytology of its receptive surface, epidermical characters of the style, carpel number, degree of nectary development, and the shape, number and distribution of stomata on the secretory tissue further distinguish E. maritimus from N. physalodes. These characters support a suprageneric position for Exodeconus independent of Nicandra.

Solanaceae, Exodeconus, Nicandra, flower morphology, flower anatomy, systematics, taxonomy.
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