A taxonomic revision and re-definition of the genus Gamblea (Araliaceae)

Chih-Bei SHANG, Porter P. LOWRY II & David G. FRODIN

en Adansonia 22 (1) - Pages 45-55

Published on 30 June 2000

Comparison of material previously assigned to the east Asian genus Evodiopanax (Araliaceae) with that of Gamblea from the eastern Himalayas and northern Myanmar shows that they comprise a single genus, with Gamblea having priority. A re-evaluation of taxonomic limits within the expanded genus leads to the recognition of four species: G. ciliata extending from India across northern Myanmar, southern China and far northern Viet Nam to eastern China, and including the newly recognized var. evodiaefolia, previously treated as a distinct species; the Japanese G. innovans; G. malayana in peninsular Malaysia and northern Sumatra; and G. pseudoevodiaefolia restricted to southwestern Guangxi and southeastern Yunnan Provinces in China and adjacent northern Viet Nam and Laos. Four new combinations are made and four names are lectotypified.

Gamblea, Evodiopanax, Acanthopanax, Araliaceae
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