Endemic families of Madagascar. IV. A synoptic revision of Asteropeia (Asteropeiaceae)

George E. SCHATZ, Porter P. LOWRY II & Anne-Elizabeth WOLF

en Adansonia 21 (2) - Pages 255-268

Published on 24 December 1999

As part of an assessment of the conservation status of the vascular plant families endemic to Madagascar and the Comoro lslands, a synoptic revision is presented of Asteropeia (Asteropeiaceae). The genus was traditionally placed in Theaceae, but recent data from wood anatomy and chloroplast gene sequences indicate a probable sister relationship with another Malagasy endemic, Physena (the sole member of the family Physenaceae), the two taxa together forming a basal branch within Caryophyllales. Analysis of available herbarium material permits the recognition of eight species, two of which are described as new (A. labatii and A. mcphersonii) and one is elevated from the rank of variety (A. matrambody); three illegitimate varieties are placed in synonymy. A key to the species is provided in English and French.


Asteropeiaceae, Asteropeia, Madagascar, endemism

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