Révision du genre Cyathea sect. Gymnosphaera (Cyatheaceae) à Madagascar et aux Comores


fr Adansonia 21 (1) - Pages 137-152

Published on 30 June 1999

Revision of the genus Cyathea sect. Gymnosphaera (Cyatheaceae) in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

Based on the study of specimens of Cyatheaceae collected from Madagascar and the Comoro Islands since the publication of the Flore de Madagascar et des Comores (TARDIEU-BLOT, 1951a) as well as the observation in situ of many individuals, a revision is presented of Cyathea sect. Gymnosphaera as defined in HOLTTUM's classification. Seven taxa (5 species and 2 varieties) are recognized; two new combinations and a new status are established, and a new variety is described under Cyathea bullata (Baker) Rakotondr.


Cyatheaceae, Cyathea, Gymnosphaera, Madagascar, Comoro Islands

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