Révision des Malvaceae-Grewioideae ("Tiliacées", p.p.) de Madagascar et des Comores. III. Les Grewia du sous-genre Vincentia (Benth.) Capuron


fr Adansonia 21 (1) - Pages 7-23

Published on 30 June 1999

Revision of the Malvaceae-Grewioideae ("Tiliacées", p.p.) of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. III. Grewia subg. Vincentia (Benth.) Capuron

Grewia L. subg. Vincentia (Benth.) Capuron, stat. nov., as proposed by CAPURON (1963), is revised for Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, according to the manuscripts and other notes of the late R. CAPURON. Ten species are recognised and half of these are new: G. lapiazicola Capuron, G. luteiflora Capuron, G. meridionalis Capuron (comprising var. antandroy Capuron and var. meridonalis), G. sambiranensis Capuron and G. suarenzensis Capuron. Grewia bojeri Mabb. is a new name for G. lancifolia (Bojer) Baron non Roxb. As amendments to CAPURON (1963), Christiana africana DC. is typified and a new combination, Pseudocorchorus rostratus (Danguy) Mabb., proposed.


Capuron, Christiana, Grewia, Madagascar, Malvaceae-Grewioideae, Pseudocorchorus, Tiliaceae

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