New taxa, names, and combinations in Erica (Ericaceae-Ericoideae) From Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

Laurence J. DORR & Edward G. H. OLIVER

en Adansonia 21 (1) - Pages 75-91

Published on 30 June 1999

Twenty-two new combinations and thirteen new names in Erica are proposed for Malagasy and Comorian taxa formerly assigned to Philippia. In addition, two new species (E. bosseri Dorr, sp. nov. and E. marojejyensis Dorr, sp. nov.) and one new subspecies (E. lecomtei subsp. ravinakely Dorr, subsp. nov.) are described from Madagascar.


Erica, Philippia, Ericaceae, Madagascar, Comoro Islands

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