Gallicae Polynesiae florae Praecursores 2. Nouveautés nomenclaturales dans les Hernandiaceae, Malvaceae, Menispermaceae et Nyctaginaceae


fr Adansonia 21 (1) - Pages 47-50

Published on 30 June 1999

Gallicae Polynesiae florae Praecursores 2. Nomenclatural novelties in Hernandiaceae, Malvaceae, Menispermaceae and Nyctaginaceae

This paper is the secund in a series prior to the publication of the flora of French Polynesia. The first (FLORENCE 1996) served as an introduction to Volume 1 (FLORENCE 1997). Nomenclatural novelties are here made in some genera of Volume 2: Hernandia (Hernandiaceae), Hibiscus (Malvaceae), Pisonia (Nyctaginaceae), and Stephania (Menispermaceae), with six new combinations.


Hernandia, Hibiscus, Pisonia, Stephania, Polynesia

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