A revision of Campnosperma (Anacardiaceae) in Madagascar


en Adansonia 20 (2) - Pages 285-293

Published on 22 December 1998

The genus Campnosperma Thwaites (Anacardiaceae) is treated as consisting of four species in Madagascar. Two new species are described, illustrated and compared with C. micranteium Marchand, the only species described in the Flore de Madagascar, and the recently described C . parvifolium J.S. Miller. & Randrianasolo. A key and descriptions are provided and distribution, habitat and phenology are also discussed. Campnosperma lepidotum distinguished by its leaf undersurface covered with overlapping lepidote scales, and C. schatzii is marked by its relatively long pedicel and smaller leaf size.

Keywords :

Campnosperma, Anacardiaceae, lepidote scales, Madagascar

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