A revision of Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae) in Malesia and the Pacific. 4. The Society, Marquesas and Austral Islands

Helen C. Fortune HOPKINS & Jacques FLORENCE

en Adansonia 20 (1) - Pages 107-130

Published on 29 June 1998

Six species are recognized in this region, all belonging to sect. Leiospermum. Weinmannia rapensis is confined to Rapa in the Austral Islands and its reported occurrence in Pitcairn is discussed. Weinmannia parviflora occurs on most of the large islands of the Societies except Raiatea and its leaf shape and indumentum vary with its ecology. Weinmannia vescoi and W. raiateensis are both confined to Raiatea. In the Marquesas, W. marquesana is represented by two varieties and a distinctive, new species, W. tremuloides, is described and illustrated from Fatu Hiva.


Weinmannia, Cunoniaceae, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Rapa Island

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