A revision of Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae) in Malesia and the Pacific. 2. Sulawesi and the Philippines

Helen C. Fortune HOPKINS

en Adansonia 20 (1) - Pages 43-66

Published on 29 June 1998

Eleven species of Weinmannia occur in Sulawesi and the Philippines, but only one (W. negrosensis) is common to both regions. All species are placed in sect. Fasciculata although W. descombesiana shows some characteristics of sect. Leiospermum. Of the seven species from Sulawesi, four are described here as new: W. devogelii is closely related to W. fraxinea, the most widespread Malesian species which is absent from both Sulawesi and the Philippines; W. furfuracea also occurs in Seram; W. coodei and W. eymaeana are both endemic. The seventh species from Sulawesi, W. celebica, is rather poorly known. In the Philippines, five species are recognised, none of them new. Weinmannia hutchinsonii, W. luzoniensis and W. lucida are all endemic, W. urdanetensis occurs in both the Philippines and New Guinea, and the fifth species is W. negrosensis. Keys, illustrations and distribution maps are given.


Weinmannia, Cunoniaceae, Sulawesi, Philippines

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