Architecture de l'appareil végétatif et organisation florale du Dracontium polyphyllum L. (Araceae)

Guylaine POISSON & Denis BARABÉ

fr Adansonia 20 (1) - Pages 195-210

Published on 29 June 1998

A description of the vegetative architecture, the development of the leaf and the floral anatomy of Dracontium polyphyllum is presented in comparison with the genera Anchomanes and Amorphophallus. From an architectural point of view, D. polyphyllum can be put in three different categories depending on the theoretical framework chosen. If we use the classification of Engler (1877), this species belongs to the type V of the seventh series, which comprises many tuberous species. On the other hand, if we adopt the architectural classification of Hallé & Oldeman (1970), D. polyphyllum corresponds to Chamberlains model. Finally, if we follow Rays classification (1987) this species would have an organisation of the proleptic anisophyllous type. The foliar lobation has a marginal and intramarginal mode of development. The flower maturation in the inflorescence is basipetal. The flower comprises three or four carpels and generally 9 to 12 stamens.


Dracontium, Araceae, flower, architecture, inflorescence, development

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