A synopsis of woody Portulacaceae in Madagascar


en Adansonia 19 (1) - Pages 45-59

Published on 10 June 1997

The relationships of the endemic woody Madagascan genera Talinella Baillon and Dendroportulaca (gen. nov.) are discussed. Talinella (5 species) is unique in the family for its juicy-mucilaginous berry-like fruits, while Dendroportulaca (monotypic) has unique spicate inflorescences but shares operculate fruits with the herbaceous genus Portulaca. Talinella and Dendroportulaca, which share similar smooth black and apparently primitive seeds, are probably primitive within the phylogeny of the family, and their relationships to the African woody genera Ceraria and Calyptrotheca (Portulacaceae) as well as to Basellaceae are discussed. The genus Talinella is monographically revised and a key to its 5 species is presented. T. microphylla and T. pachypoda are described as new. Dendroportulaca is monotypic with D. mirabilis also newly described. All taxa are illustrated.


Portulacaceae, Talinella, Dendroportulaca, Madagascar

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