Inventaire taxonomique des plantes de la Guyane française

Tome VIII – Les Dicotylédones, 4ème partie, Flacourtiaceae à Malpighiaceae

fr Volume 44
Georges CREMERS & Michel HOFF

Published on 31 July 2000

The dicotyledons gather together about 3600 species presently in French Guyana. The 19 family presented in this fascicle are: Flacourtiaceae, Gentianaceae, Gesneriaceae, Hernandiaceae, Hippocrateaceae, Hugoniaceae, Humiriaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, Icacinaceae, Ixonanthaceae, Lacistemataceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Lecythidaceae, Lentibulariaceae, Loganiaceae, Loranthaceae, Lythraceae, Malpighiaceae. A total of 441 species (12.5% from the dicotyledons) is currently reviewed and the collecting distribution mapped. For all species, the worldwide distribution is indicated, and the distribution of their specimens is mapped for French Guyana. A large synonymy information accompanies each taxon. Their distribution according to biological types and habitats preferencies is set out.

CREMERS G. & HOFF M. 2000. — . Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, 244p. (Patrimoines naturels ; 44).
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Inventaire taxonomique des plantes de la Guyane française