Atlas des mammifères sauvages de France volume 2

Ongulés et Lagomorphes

fr Volume 83
Edited by: Audrey SAVOURÉ-SOUBELET, Christian ARTHUR, Stéphane AULAGNIER, Guillaume BODY, Cécile CALLOU, Patrick HAFFNER, Stéphane MARCHANDEAU, François MOUTOU & Christine SAINT-ANDRIEUX

Published on 11 January 2021

Atlas des mammifères sauvages de France volume 2

Ongulés et Lagomorphes

Unique synthesis of knowledge about the distribution of ungulates (20) and Lagomorphs (8) in France (metropolitan and overseas), this book is the result of a collective and collaborative work, involving the participation of many experts and structures.

This atlas includes protected species benefiting from reintroduction programs as well as native and exotic species that may be harvested and/or demonstrate an economic or biological impact. All of them may exhibit strong spatial and numerical fluctuations. Monitoring programs are in place for decades for many of them. This update of knowledge benefits from the enhancement of 310,000 observation data collected between 2000 and 2018. Therefore, this book represents an essential tool for the conciliation between species conservation with human activities, through concerted management.

Organized into monographs about species and geographic monographs, this atlas will interest scientists, naturalists, managers and administrations.

Foreword by Christian Arthur and Jean-Philippe Siblet


SAVOURÉ-SOUBELET A., ARTHUR C., AULAGNIER S., BODY G., CALLOU C., HAFFNER P., MARCHANDEAU S., MOUTOU F. & SAINT-ANDRIEUX C. (coord.) 2021. — Atlas des mammifères sauvages de France. Volume 2 : Ongulés et Lagomorphes. Muséum national d’Histoire
naturelle, Paris, 392 p. (Patrimoines naturels ; 83).

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Atlas des mammifères sauvages de France volume 2
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219 colour photos; 81 maps; 58 tables; 18 graphics; 210 x 297 mm; hardback

Number of pages: 392
ISBN: 978-2-85653-924-8
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