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en The Caecidae from BIOMAGLO Expedition in the Mayotte-Glorieuses area (Mollusca, Gastropoda)


421-434, Published on 17 July 2023, art. 45 (12) DOI LSID

en Discovery of the mountain glass snail, Hessemilimax kotulae (Westerlund, 1883) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Vitrinidae), in the High Vosges Mountains (northeast France) and its conservation

Jean-Michel BICHAIN & Julien RYELANDT

409-419, Published on 27 June 2023, art. 45 (11) DOI LSID

en On some “Hemicyclopora” Norman, 1894 and “Escharella” Gray, 1848 species (Bryozoa, Cheilostomatida) from the Atlantic-Mediterranean region. Re-examination of their generic status and ­description of new species and a new genus

Jean-Georges HARMELIN & Antonietta ROSSO

373-407, Published on 15 June 2023, art. 45 (10) DOI LSID

en A new subfamily classification of the highly diversified Dorippidae H. Milne Edwards, 1837 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Dorippoidea), using morphological, molecular and palaeotonlogical data, with special emphasis on its unique female reproductive system

Danièle GUINOT

225-372, Published on 05 June 2023, art. 45 (9) DOI LSID

en First report of complete mitogenome for an Itarinae species (Orthoptera, Grylloidea) with phylogenetic analysis

Zhe-Yuan YU et al.

213-223, Published on 03 May 2023, art. 45 (8) DOI LSID

en Central American Tetrigidae Rambur, 1838 (Orthoptera): a preliminary catalogue

Niko KASALO et al.

177-212, Published on 14 April 2023, art. 45 (7) DOI LSID

en A new cryptic species of Brazilozoros Kukalova-Peck & Peck, 1993 from French Guiana (Zoraptera, Spiralizoridae)


163-175, Published on 21 March 2023, art. 45 (6) DOI LSID

en Two new genera of Acanthopidae (Mantodea) from the Amazon region, with description of a new species

Nicolas MOULIN & Christian J. SCHWARZ

137-161, Published on 10 March 2023, art. 45 (5) DOI LSID

en Synopsis of Trissepyris Kieffer, 1905 (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), an endemic Afrotropical genus, with description of a new species

Wesley D. COLOMBO & Celso O. AZEVEDO

129-135, Published on 21 February 2023, art. 45 (4) DOI LSID

en The cradle of giants: insights into the origin of Scherotheca Bouché, 1972 (Lumbricidae, Crassiclitellata) with the descriptions of eight new species from Corsica, France

Daniel F. MARCHÁN et al.

107-128, Published on 08 February 2023, art. 45 (3) DOI LSID