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en A new griffenfly genus and species from the Early Pennsylvanian of the Xiaheyan locality (Ningxia, China) (Insecta: Odonatoptera)

André NEL et al.

67-75, Published on 05 March 2024, art. 925 (67) DOI LSID

en Two new ‘incertae sedis’ syllids (Annelida: Syllidae) from Brazilian oceanic islands

Rodolfo Leandro NASCIMENTO et al.

46-66, Published on 04 March 2024, art. 925 (46) DOI LSID

en Description of five new and four known species of Dorylaimellus Cobb, 1913 with perioral disc (Nematoda: Belondiroidea) from the Western Ghats of India

Sumit KUMAR & Wasim AHMAD

1-45, Published on 01 March 2024, art. 925 (1) DOI LSID

en The genus Lecithocera (Lepidoptera: Lecithoceridae) from China, with descriptions of twenty-one new species

Shuai YU & Shuxia WANG

1-74, Published on 29 February 2024, art. 924 (1) DOI LSID

en The Vetigastropoda (Mollusca) of Walters Shoal, with descriptions of two new genera and thirty new species


1-119, Published on 28 February 2024, art. 923 (1) DOI LSID

en A contribution to the taxonomy of the genus Pelecium Kirby (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Peleciini)

Artur Orsetti & Cristiano LOPES-ANDRADE

1-61, Published on 26 February 2024, art. 922 (1) DOI LSID

en Phylogenetic analyses of the leafhopper tribe Chiasmini Distant, 1908 and delimination of species of the genus Exitianus Ball, 1929 (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Chiasmini) in China based on molecular data

Yongxia ZHANG et al.

276-297, Published on 22 February 2024, art. 921 (276) DOI LSID

en First record of the genus Staurocladia (Hydrozoa: Cladonematidae) in the Gulf of Mexico with the description of Staurocladia dzilamensis sp. nov., a new species of crawling hydromedusa


251-275, Published on 20 February 2024, art. 921 (251) DOI LSID

en Hymenopellis areolata (Physalacriaceae: Agaricales), a new species from Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan

Fauzia RAZZAQ et al.

236-250, Published on 19 February 2024, art. 921 (236) DOI

en Integrating museum collections and molecules reveals genus-level synonymy and new species in red devil spiders (Araneae, Dysderidae) from the Middle East and Central Asia

Adrià  BELLVERT et al.

210-235, Published on 14 February 2024, art. 921 (210) DOI LSID