The journal Naturae is a French scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal. It aims to encourage the sharing of knowledge about land and sea biodiversity and geologic heritage as well as management issues. It publishes articles continuously.

It stems from the analysis that, in France, it is vital to allow access to naturalistic knowledge and highlight experiences in management/ecological restoration (ecological engineering, tests for different types of management for an environment or species in a natural area, etc.), which are poorly documented.

By publishing case studies necessary for creating systematic review, Naturae promotes knowledge enhancement in order to strengthen conservation. With summaries in English, the articles from the journal promote the visibility of French experiences in management/ecological restoration abroad and their integration in synthesis.

The articles published in Naturae comply with the various nomenclature codes. A copyright assignment will be signed by the authors before publication.

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Naturae 2017

Editorial office

Editor in chief: Jean-Philippe SIBLET (UMS2006-Patrimoine Naturel)

Desk editor: Sarah FIGUET (UMS2006-Patrimoine Naturel) 

Scientific board

Luc Abbadie (UPMC)
Luc Barbier (Parc naturel régional des caps et marais d'Opale)
Aurélien Besnard (CEFE)
Vincent Boullet (Expert indépendant flore/végétation)
Hervé Brustel (PURPAN)
Audrey Coreau (AgroParis Tech)
Bernard Deceuninck (LPO)
Patrick De Wever (MNHN)
Thierry Dutoit (UMR CNRS IMBE)
Éric Feunteun (MNHN)
Romain Garrouste (MNHN)
Grégoire Gautier (Parc national des Cévennes)
Olivier Gilg (Réserves naturelles de France)
Frédéric Gosselin (Irstea)
Frédéric Hendoux (MNHN)
Xavier Houard (OPIE)
Isabelle Leviol (MNHN)
Francis Meunier (Conservatoire d'espaces naturels – Picardie)
Serge Muller (MNHN)
Francis Olivereau (DREAL Centre)
Laurent Poncet (MNHN)
Nicolas Poulet (ONEMA)
Jean-Philippe Siblet (MNHN)
Laurent Tillon (ONF)
Julien Touroult (MNHN)

Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle,
Service des Publications scientifiques
case postale 41, 57 rue Cuvier, 75231 Paris cedex 05 (France)
Tél. : (33) (0)1 40 79 53 95