Adansonia 40 (1)

Published on
30 January 2018

en fr 1802-2018: a 220-year history of the Muséum periodicals

CÔTEZ Emmanuel et al.

1-41, Published on 30 January 2018, art. 40-1 DOI

en The typification of Lagenophora sundana Miq. (Asteraceae)

BEAN Anthony R. & JABBOUR Florian

43-45, Published on 30 January 2018, art. 40-2 DOI

en Sagina diffusa (Hook.f.) Timaná, comb. nov. (Caryophyllaceae), a new combination for the flora of Île St. Paul (Southern Indian Ocean), with some historical notes

TIMANÁ Martín E.

47-53, Published on 19 February 2018, art. 40-3 DOI