Nomenclature des genres néo-calédoniens Arthroclianthus Baill. et Nephrodesmus Schindl. (Fabaceae-Desmodieae)


fr Adansonia 40 (8) - Pages 103-129

Published on 02 July 2018

Nomenclature of the New Caledonian genera Arthroclianthus Baill. and Nephrodesmus Schindl. (Fabaceae-Desmodieae)

New Caledonian Vascular flora is characterised by its high level of richness with more than 3000 species with endemism at the species level higher than 75%. Only 65% of described species have been under a recent taxonomic revision. Fabaceae are not in rest, only the Mimosoideae subfamily (ex Mimosaceae) have been through a revison in 1983. Since, only few fabaceae species have been described. Most papilionoid genera got less than five species and only two genera are endemic from New caledonia: Arthroclianthus Baill. and Nephrodesmus Schindl., in the Desmodieae tribe, got respectively 19 and six species described. The only monograph of Arthroclianthus is hundred years old and the last described species within these two genera was done 80 years ago. Actually, identification of species are relatively difficult because of taxonomic confusions. A nomenclatural clarification of Arthroclianthus and Nephrodesmus is undertaken in the purpose of an increase of botanical knowledge of the Fabaceae-Papilionoideae of New Caledonia. This article is the first step of the complete revision of these two genera. Arthroclianthus is reduced to 12 taxa, following synonymy of six taxa and excluding one species and Nephrodesmus is reduced to four taxa. Typification is made for Nephrodesmus. Three lectotypifications are made for Nephrodesmus and nine for Arthroclianthus.

Keywords :

New-Caledonia, nomenclature, Fabaceae-Papilionoideae, new synonyms, lectotypifications

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