Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 61 - 70

Kanad DAS, Walter ROSSI, Marco LEONARDI, Aniket GHOSH, Ishika BERA, Manoj E. HEMBROM, Rajesh BAJPAI, Siljo JOSEPH, Sanjeeva NAYAKA, Dalip Kumar UPRETI, Xiang-Hua WANG, Valérie HOFSTETTER & Bart BUYCK

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 39 (4) - Pages 381-418

Publié le 28 décembre 2018

Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 61 - 70

In this new series of Fungal Biodiversity Profiles, the authors describe nine species new to science, four Ascomycota, as well as one Cantharellus and four Russula (Basidiomycota). Among Ascomycota, the lichen forming Cryptothecia odishensis sp. nov. (Arthoniales) is reported from tropical forests in India, while first Indian reports are given for C. atropunctata and C. exilis, two species originally described from Australia, and for the tropical American Myriostigma filicinum. In Laboulbeniales, descriptions are provided for Hesperomyces auriculatus sp. nov., Laboulbenia montana sp. nov. and Zodiomyces vermiformis sp. nov. Among Basidiomycota, Cantharellus subfloridulus sp. nov. (Cantharellales) is described from the African rain forest, and detailed data are provided on the holotype location of C. addaiensis. In Russulales, Russula gnathangensis sp. nov., R. indohimalayana sp. nov., R. pseudokrombholzii sp. nov. and R. subalpinogrisea sp. nov. are newly described from Abies densa forests in Indian Himalaya. Still among Asian Russulales, Multifurca roxburghii is epitypified with a recent collection from its original habitat and the recently described M. albovelutina is clearly a later synonym. In addition, the recently described M. mellea is most likely either a later synonym of M. pseudofurcata or of M. orientalis.

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