Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 41-50

Kanad DAS, Aniket GHOSH, Rajendra Prasad BHATT, Dyutiparna CHAKRABORTY, Valérie HOFSTETTER & Bart BUYCK

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 38 (4) - Pages 527-547

Publié le 29 décembre 2017

Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 41-50

This new series of Fungal Biodiversity Profiles presents ten new taxa in the genus Russula, including subgenus Crassotunicata subg. nov. In subg. Malodora, sect Edules sect. nov. is described for a number of African species and a first detailed description is given for the type species, while R. pseudocompacta sp. nov. and R. compactoides sp.nov. are described in the new section Pseudocompactae sect. nov. of the same subgenus; in subg. Compactae the new sect. Polyphyllae is described, in subg. Russula, R. kewzingensis sp. nov. is described in subsect. Roseinae, as well as the new section Flavisiccantes, and the new subsect. Tricholomopsidae.

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