Setting the record straight on North American Cantharellus


en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 37 (3) - Pages 405-417

Publié le 30 septembre 2016

Cet article est tiré de la thématique Special Issue: Cantharellus

Setting the record straight on North American Cantharellus

The authors assembled for the first time a sequence dataset representative of all 29 presently described North American Cantharellus species, including not only all six newly described North American species presented in this special issue, but very importantly, also newly obtained partial ITS and LSU sequence data from the type specimens of C. camphoratus and C. septentrionalis, two species that supposedly had never been recollected in the United States since their original description. As such, they hope to put the record straight for future research on Cantharellus in North America and to allow for a more precise identification and appreciation of newly collected, sequenced specimens.

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