An exciting novel member of Lentitheciaceae in Italy from Clematis vitalba

Dhanushka N. WANASINGHE, E. B. Gareth JONES, Erio CAMPORESI, Saranyaphat BOONMEE, Hiran A. ARIYAWANSA, Nalin N. WIJAYAWARDENE, Peter E. MORTIMER, Jianchu XU, Jun-Bo YANG & Kevin D. HYDE

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 35 (4) - Pages 323-337

Publié le 26 décembre 2014

An exciting novel member of Lentitheciaceae in Italy from Clematis vitalba

Dothideomycetes with muriform ascospores, were previously placed in family Pleosporaceae, but they are not a monophyletic group, and can be placed across a range of orders and families. In this study an interesting saprobic ascomycete was isolated from Clematis vitalba which was collected in Italy. The species has unique characters and we introduced the taxon as a new genus and species within Lentitheciaceae, The conclusions are drawn from morphology and, LSU, SSU, EF1-α and RPB2 combined sequence analyses. Maximum parsimony (MP), maximum likelihood (ML) and Mr Bayes phylogenetic analysis all support this being a distinct genus within the Lentitheciaceae. It is distinguished from other genera of this family in having muriform ascospores whose central cells have longitudinal septa and light end cells, and ascomata with a thick peridium and a short neck. The new genus is compared with similar genera in the Lentitheciaceae and a comprehensive description, and micrographs are provided. The cultures were obtained via single ascospore isolation, and the asexual state was also established.

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