Russula zhejiangensis sp. nov. from East China

Guo-Jie LI, Sai-Fei LI & Hua-An WEN

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 32 (2) - Pages 127-133

Publié le 24 juin 2011

Russula zhejiangensis sp. nov. from East China

As a result of a study of Russula in East China, Russula zhejiangensis sp. nov., a member of Russula subgen. Tenellula sect. Laricinae, is described. It is characterized by the small-sized basidiomata with bright red, glabrous pileus, yellowish context, cream to ochre spore print, subglobose to ellipsoid basidiospores with isolated obtuse warts, and the pileipellis with septate dermatocystidia. It strongly resembles the Chinese R. minutula var. minor, but the latter has a yellow tinged pileus edge, white spore print, longer, lanceolate cystidia with acute apex and longer cells for the hyphal extremities in the pileipellis.

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