Révision des Cancellariidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) décrites par Grateloup (1827-1847) dans le Miocène des Landes (SW France)

Bruno CAHUZAC, Jean-François LESPORT & Lucien LAGARDE

fr Geodiversitas 26 (2) - Pages 207-261

Publié le 25 juin 2004

Grateloup (1827, 1832, 1847) described and illustrated numerous species of Cancellariidae from the Miocene of Landes (SW Aquitaine, France). A complete revision of his collection of Cancellariidae is presented here; about 80 registered specimens belonging to this familly are discussed. Geographic localities and stratigraphy of each species are discussed. An attempt of generic assignment is made for each taxon. We confirm the validity of the genus Gulia Jousseaume, 1887 and we complete its diagnosis; its differences from Ventrilia Jousseaume, 1887 are specified. Out of 32 figures published in 1847, only three (perhaps four) specimens seem to be missing. As a whole, one holotype by monotypy is present and we have found 16 specimens designated (here or previously) as lectotypes of 20 available taxa of the species-group (e.g., “varieties” with subspecific rank), created by the author or by subsequent authors; all are illustrated here. Twenty-two paralectotypes are also listed. The following species described by Grateloup are considered valid: Gulia deshayesana, Aneurystoma dufourii, Coptostoma (s.l.) laurensii, Bivetiella stromboides, Scalptia (s.l.) spinosa (senior synonym of S. (s.l.) spinifera), whereas “Cancellaria westziana” is considered a morph of Gulia acutangula. Moreover, two taxa are considered nomina dubia (“Cancellaria papyracea”, “Cancellaria varicosa var. subumbilicata”). The type specimens of some other valid species, created by posterior authors, are present in the Grateloup collection and are illustrated in this revision, e.g., Bivetiella subcancellata, Calcarata subhirta, ?Genus subsuturale, Sveltia salbriacensis. On the other hand, few other taxa created also from specimens illustrated by Grateloup are not considered valid, such as “Cancellaria subvaricosa” (nomen dubium), “C. gratteloupi” (synonymous with Gulia acutangula), C. battersbyi (synonymous with Calcarata subhirta). Finally, one species described by Grateloup from the Rupelian (“Fusus thorei”) may belong to the genus Loxotaphrus.

Mots-clés :

Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cancellariidae, Miocène, Bassin d’Aquitaine, Landes, SW France, collection Grateloup, révision taxonomique

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