The species of Tibetisoperla (Plecoptera: Perlodidae)

Yan-Hua YAN, Zhen-Ning CHEN, Hakan BOZDOĞAN & Wei-Hai Li

en European Journal of Taxonomy 823 (125) - Pages 125-140

Publié le 15 juin 2022

The species of Tibetisoperla (Plecoptera: Perlodidae)

Two new species of the hitherto monotypic Tibetisoperla Huo & Du, 2021, T. elongata sp. nov., T. sclerotica sp. nov., are described, illustrated and compared with the type species and other Isoperlinae. Tibetisoperla and T. wangluyui Huo & Du, 2021 are newly recorded for Qinghai Province.

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