Flourishing in subterranean ecosystems: Euro-Mediterranean Plusiocampinae and tachycampoids (Diplura, Campodeidae)

Alberto SENDRA, Dragan Ž. ANTIĆ, Pablo BARRANCO, Špela BORKO, Erhard CHRISTIAN, Teo DELIĆ, Floren FADRIQUE, Arnaud FAILLE, Loris GALLI, Fluvio GASPARO, Dilian GEORGIEV, Pier Mauro GIACHINO, L’ubomír KOVÁČ, Marko LUKIĆ, Paolo MARCIA, Kazimir MICULINIĆ, Giuseppe NICOLOSI, Ferran PALERO, Kaloust PARAGAMIAN, Toni PÉREZ, Slavko POLAK, Carlos E. PRIETO, Ilya TURBANOV, Dante VAILATI & Ana Sofía P.S. REBOLEIRA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2020 (591) - Pages 1-138

Publié le 10 janvier 2020

Flourishing in subterranean ecosystems: Euro-Mediterranean Plusiocampinae and tachycampoids (Diplura, Campodeidae)

Diplura is a group of entognathous hexapods, often considered a sister group to insects. They play an important role in recycling organic matter in soil and subterranean terrestrial ecosystems. The Campodeidae is the most diverse family, divided into four subfamilies. The subfamily Plusiocampinae has a subterranean life-style with many species distributed in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The incertae sedis tachycampoids (“lignée Tachycampoïde”) is a group within the family Campodeidae that share with the Plusiocampinae a strong preference for subterranean habitats and several morphological characters, such as slender body shape, elongated appendages, considerable increment in the number of antennomeres and cercal articles, and complexity of sensorial structures. The present monograph provides a taxonomic revision of the subfamily Plusiocampinae and the genera belonging to the tachycampoid lineage from Europe and the Mediterranean region. It comprises detailed morphological descriptions and illustrations together with data on the habitats and distributions of 87 species, 10 subspecies and 11 affinis forms. Seven new species are described among those, namely: Plusiocampa (Plusiocampa) apollo Sendra, Giachino & Vailati sp. nov., P. (P.) chiosensis Sendra & Gasparo sp. nov., P. (P.) dublanskii Sendra & Turbanov sp. nov., P. (P.) hoffmanni Sendra & Paragamian sp. nov., P. (P.) rhea Sendra sp. nov., P. (P.) ternovensis Sendra & Borko sp. nov. and P. (Venetocampa) ferrani Sendra & Delić sp. nov.

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