Fermeture des synchondroses intra-occipitales : implication dans la configuration du foramen magnum


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 1 (1) - Pages 35-42

Publié le 31 janvier 2002

When dental remains are not available, estimation of age at death of children depends on the state of maturation of the skeleton, in particular for fossil children. In this study, age of fusion of anterior and posterior intra-occipital synchondroses (respectively SIOA and SIOP) and foramen magnum shape, related with synchondroses fusion, are studied on a sample of known age and sex. Reliability of these two synchondroses as indicators of the age at death of children as well as the phylogenetic value of foramen magnum shape is discussed.

Mots-clés :

synchondroses intra-occipitales, foramen magnum, maturation, âge, sexe, base du crâne, os occipital

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