Ulota drummondii (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida) in the Iberian Peninsula


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 39 (3) - Pages 377-387

Publié le 27 juillet 2018

Ulota drummondii (Orthotrichaceae, Bryopsida) in the Iberian Peninsula

Ulota drummondii (Hook. & Grev.) Brid. is a Suboceanic Boreal-montane epiphytic moss whose disjunct distribution includes both coasts of North America, East Asia, as well as northern and central Europe, being an extraordinarily rare moss in its southernmost known localities in Europe. It was reported some years ago from northern Spain, but the revision of the specimens on which the record was based demonstrate to be misidentified. Therefore, this species was not included in the treatment of the genus Ulota in the Flora Briofítica Ibérica. Recently, the species was collected 140 km away of the previous erroneous record, and this led to a search for other specimens from the main Iberian herbaria. Here, we present a description of this moss based on the Spanish material in order to complete certain shortcomings or inaccuracies found in previous descriptions. Additionally, the species is illustrated with pictures from both stereo and light microscopes. A key for the discrimination of the Ulota s.l. species (including genus Plenogemma Plášek, Sawicki & Ochyra) recognised in Europe and surrounding territories is presented.

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