A New Species of Exormotheca (Exormothecaceae, Hepaticae) from China

Tatsuwo FURUKI & Masanobu HIGUCHI

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 27 (1) - Pages 97-102

Publié le 27 janvier 2006

A New Species of Exormotheca (Exormothecaceae, Hepaticae) from China

Exormotheca bischleri Furuki & Higuchi is described as new to science from Sichuan Province, China. This is the first record of Exormothecaceae from China and the easternmost locality of the family in Eurasia. This new species is characterized by (1) air chambers twice as tall as the septa, (2) septa of air chambers as tall as the chlorophyllose filaments, (3) ligulate to lunulate ventral scales with oil-cells, (4) 1-2 filiform appendages on the ventral scales, (5) tubers absent, (6) dioicous sexual condition, (7) sessile archegoniophores, (8) large spores, 100-120 µm in diam. and (9) elaters with mostly 1(-2) spiral(s). Exormotheca bischleri belongs to sect. Corbierella.

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