Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Morocco: the Anti-Atlas catalogue

Maria J. CANO, Rosa María ROS, María Teresa GALLEGO, Juan A. JIMÉNEZ & Juan GUERRA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (3) - Pages 249-262

Publié le 26 juillet 2002

Contribution à la flore bryophyte du Maroc : le catalogue Anti-Atlas

The bryophytes of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco) are catalogued. 88 bryophytes (69 mosses and 19 liverworts) are reported from bibliographic and new collections, of which three are new records for Africa (Didymodon sicculus M.J.Cano, Ros, García-Zamora & J.Guerra, Syntrichia minor (Bizot) M.T.Gallego, J.Guerra, M.J.Cano, Ros & Sánchez-Moya and Tortula mucronifera W.Frey, Kürschner & Ros), one for the Maghreb (Hymenostylium hildebrandtii (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander) and one for Morocco (Weissia condensa var. armata M.J.Cano, Ros & J.Guerra).

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