New and interesting bryophyte records for Greece

Tom L. BLOCKEEL, Rosa María ROS, Marko S. SABOVLJEVIĆ, Maria J. CANO, María Teresa GALLEGO & Jesús MUÑOZ

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 23 (2) - Pages 149-155

Publié le 26 avril 2002

Signalements nouveaux et intéressants de bryophytes en Grèce

Ten taxa of bryophytes are cited for the first time in Greece: Acaulon triquetrum (Spruce) Müll.Hal., Didymodon sicculus M.J.Cano, Ros, García-Zamora & J.Guerra, D. trivialis (Müll.Hal.) J.Guerra, Grimmia longirostris Hook., Gymnostomum lanceolatum M.J.Cano, Ros & J.Guerra, Lophozia excisa (Dicks.) Dumort., Microbryum piptocarpum (Durieu & Mont.) J.Guerra & M.J.Cano, Syntrichia minor (Bizot) M.T.Gallego, J.Guerra, M.J.Cano, Ros & Sãnchez-Moya, Tortula israelis Bizot & F.Bilewsky and T. viridifolia (Mitt.) Blockeel & A.J.E. Sm. Some additional taxa that were previously known only from the Greek Islands (Crete, Aegean Islands, lonian Islands or Rhodes) have been recorded in mainland Greece or Évvia Island: Athalamia hyalina (Sommerf.) S.Hatt, Bryum subapiculatum Hampe, Ditrichum subulatum Hampe and Fossombronia pusilla (L.) Dumort. The presence of Tortula subulata var. subinermis in Greece is confirmed.

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