Flora of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, volume 36

en Tome 47
Coordonné par : George W. STAPLES

Publié le 09 novembre 2018

This volume on Convolvulaceae is the 36th issue of the Flora of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and the first to integrate Tropical Fauna and Flora series. So far, thirty-five fascicles have been published on families of angiosperms and Gnetaceae.
The family Convolvulaceae comprises about 1,900 species distributed worldwide in the tropical and warm temperate regions. This new account of the Convolvulaceae in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam includes 22 genera, 108 species, and 10 infraspecific taxa, with brief mention of another 13 cultivated species. The indigenous species richness for Convolvulaceae is quite high in this area, particularly for the genera Argyreia, Cordisepalum, Dinetus, Erycibe, Ipomoea, Lepistemon, Merremia, Neuropeltis, Porana, Rivea, and Tridynamia.
A general introduction to the family is followed by technical descriptions for each genus, species, and infraspecific taxon, keys for identification, and concise summaries of what is known about the ecology, phenology, the distribution globally and mapped, any uses, vernacular names in languages spoken in the area, and pertinent notes concerning taxonomy or other topics. The flora is profusely illustrated with historical and modern botanical illustrations (line drawings, watercolours) and colour photos of living plants in the field. Voucher specimens are cited to document all information presented in the book. A bibliography of cited references where more detailed information may be found is included and three indexes conclude the flora.

Citation du tome :

STAPLES G. W. 2018. — Convolvulaceae. Flora of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, volume 36. Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris; IRD, Marseille; RBGE, Edinburgh, 408 p. (Faune et Flore tropicales ; 47).

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