Rediscovery of the wingless Podolian subendemic weevil Humeromima rufipes (Boheman, 1834) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae), a relict from the Last Glacial Maximum


en Zoosystema 46 (8) - Pages 177-193

Published on 02 April 2024

A new systematic placement of Humeromima rufipes (Boheman, 1834) within the Omias generic complex is proposed as a result of a comprehensive morphological analysis. An improved redescription, including fine structures of male and female terminalia, is provided. Synapomorphies are revealed in the structures of female terminalia, male genitalia, mouthparts, and tarsi. The reduction of iridescent vestiture and the robustization of legs reflect a deep morpho-adaptive transformation of H. rufipes towards a geophilic lifestyle. The restricted range of H. rufipes suggests that it may be subendemic to Podolian Upland. Notably, the co-occurrence of obligate amphigonic species with hypothetical glacial forest microrefugia and a biodiversity hotspot of meadow steppes strongly suggests relict status of H. rufipes since the Last Glacial Maximum.


Omiini, glacial refugium, new placement, redescription

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