A new cryptic species of Brazilozoros Kukalova-Peck & Peck, 1993 from French Guiana (Zoraptera, Spiralizoridae)


en Zoosystema 45 (6) - Pages 163-175

Published on 21 March 2023

The genus Brazilozoros Kukalova-Peck & Peck, 1993 (Zoraptera, Spiralizoridae) currently includes three species distributed in the Neotropical region. Here we describe a new species, B. kukalovae n. sp., from French Guiana. It is related to B. weidneri (New, 1978) but differs by the morphology of the male genitalia and the sensilla basiconica on 10th abdominal tergite. We also present a molecular phylogenetic reconstruction that confirms the position of the new species in Brazilozoros and the inclusion of Brazilozoros in the Spiralizoridae Kočárek, Horká & Kundrata, 2020. The study provides further evidence for the high level of cryptic diversity in the Zoraptera.


Polyneoptera, Zoraptera, Spiralizorinae, Neotropical region, molecular phylogeny, new species

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