Two new genera of Acanthopidae (Mantodea) from the Amazon region, with description of a new species

Nicolas MOULIN & Christian J. SCHWARZ

en Zoosystema 45 (5) - Pages 137-161

Published on 10 March 2023

Despite recent developments in the systematics of Acanthopinae Burmeister, 1838, the generic identity of two species, Acanthops parva Beier, 1942 and A. soukana Roy, 2002 remained ambiguous. The examination of the types and of previously unstudied specimens necessitated the creation of two new genera. Royacanthops n. gen. is introduced to accommodate Acanthops soukana Roy, 2002, and a new species from Brazil. Parvacanthops Schwarz & Moulin, n. gen. is proposed for Acanthops parva Beier, 1942. The resulting new combinations are Royacanthops soukana (Roy, 2002) n. comb. and Parvacanthops parva (Beier, 1942) n. comb. The male of R. soukana n. comb. is described for the first time. Three specimens from Brazil are described as Royacanthops confusa Schwarz & Moulin, n. gen., n. sp. The new genera are easily separated from other genera of Acanthopinae by morphological and genital characters. The geographic distribution of the two genera is briefly discussed.


Mantodea, Acanthopinae, Brésil, Guyane, combinaisons nouvelles, espèce nouvelle, genres nouveaux

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