Contribution à la connaissance des Tetrigidae (Orthoptera) de Guyane

Raphaëlle ITRAC-BRUNEAU & Guillaume DOUCET

fr Zoosystema 44 (14) - Pages 405-421

Published on 19 July 2022

Contribution to the knowledge of the Tetrigidae (Orthoptera) of French Guiana

This article provides a first assessment on the knowledge of the Tetrigidae Rambur, 1838 of French Guiana. It compiles the most relevant bibliographic data, published between 1861 and 2021, as well as data from field surveys carried out during the summer of 2019. The analysis inventories a total of 14 taxa including one species new for this area and one species new to science described in that article, Tettigidea claudei n. sp. An identification key to species is proposed.


neotropical region, French Guiana, pygmy grasshoppers, new data, identification key, new species

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