Deep-water Rissoidae of the genera Benthonella Dall, 1889 and Benthonellania Lozouet, 1990 (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Rissooidea) from French Polynesia


en Zoosystema 44 (12) - Pages 335-389

Published on 28 June 2022

The deep-water extant Rissoidae Gray, 1847 of the genera Benthonella Dall, 1889 and Benthonellania Lozouet, 1990 collected in French Polynesia are herein revised. Three species of Benthonella and eight of Benthonellania are described as new (all but one from French Polynesia): Benthonella boucheti n. sp., Benthonella basistriata n. sp., Benthonella communis n. sp., Benthonellania thielei n. sp. (from East Africa), Benthonellania bouteti n. sp., Benthonellania alis n. sp., Benthonellania tarava n. sp., Benthonellania megan n. sp., Benthonellania tuamotu n. sp., Benthonellania lozoueti n. sp. and Benthonellania maestratii n. sp. Two taxa are transferred to Benthonella: Rissoa olangoensis Poppe, Tagaro & Stahlschmidt, 2015 and the fossil Pusillina kazakhstanica Amitrov, 2010. Seven taxa are transferred to Benthonellania: Rissoa precipitata Dall, 1889, Rissoa hertzogi Thiele, 1925, Rissoa africana Thiele, 1925, Rissoa aequatorialis Thiele, 1925, Rissoa profundior Hedley, 1907, Rissoa sumatrana Thiele, 1925 and Alvania colombiana Romer & Moore, 1988. A lectotype for Rissoa africana Thiele, 1925 is designated, to stabilize the use of the name.


Gastropoda, Rissoidae, French Polynesia, Benthonella, Benthonellania, lectotypification, new combinations, new species

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