Révision du genre Danuriella Westwood, 1889 (Mantodea)

Roger ROY

fr Zoosystema 42 (21) - Pages 399-432

Published on 05 August 2020

Revision of the genus Danuriella Westwood, 1889 (Mantodea)

The genus Danuriella Westwood, 1889, endemic of the Madagascan region, is fully revised after the study of about 160 specimens preserved in seven scientific institutions and some private collections. A new diagnosis is given for the genus after its scientific history and confirmation of its synonymy with Micropopa Beier, 1929. Identification keys are given in French and English for the species based on their morphology and male genitalia. Thirteen species are distinguished: the four previously described of which D. altera (Beier, 1929) n. comb. is resurrected as valid species, and nine newly described, D. viettei n. sp., D. andriai n. sp., D. griveaudi n. sp., D. mayottensis n. sp., D. anjouanensis n. sp., D. sogai n. sp., D. merigueti n. sp., D. andapensis n. sp. and D. tigrina n. sp.


Mantodea, Madagascar, Comoro Islands, new combination, new species

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