Panoploscelis scudderi Beier, 1950 and Gnathoclita vorax (Stoll, 1813): two katydids with unusual acoustic, reproductive and defense behaviors (Orthoptera, Pseudophyllinae)

Sylvain HUGEL

en Zoosystema 41 (17) - Pages 327-340

Published on 20 August 2019

This article is a part of the thematic issue “Our Planet Reviewed” 2015 large-scale biotic survey in Mitaraka, French Guiana

Two species of Eucocconotini Beier, 1960 were collected during the “Our Planet Revisited, Mitaraka 2015” survey in the Mitaraka Mountains belonging to Tumuc-Humac mountain chain in French Guiana: Gnathoclita vorax (Stoll, 1813) and Panoploscelis scudderi Beier, 1950. Calling songs of both species are described for the first time, as well as the mandibular and tegminal protest signals from P. scudderi males and females. The structures involved in these signals are described and illustrated. The peculiar acoustic and mate guarding behaviors of Gnathoclita vorax are described and illustrated. The synonymy of Panoploscelis scudderi Beier, 1950 and Panoploscelis angusticauda Beier 1950 n. syn. is discussed and proposed, based on specimens reared from samples collected in Mitaraka.

Supplementary videos

Video 1. — Panoploscelis scudderi mandibular protest signal of an adult female.

Video 2. — Gnathoclita vorax adult male singing in natura.

Video 3. — Courtship behavior of males of Panoploscelis scudderi.


Insecta, Ensifera, Pseudophyllinae, mate guarding, acoustic communication, French Guiana, new synonym

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