Phylogéographie de Neritina stumpffi Boettger, 1890 et Neritina canalis Sowerby, 1825 (Gastropoda, Cycloneritida, Neritidae)

Ahmed ABDOU, Clara LORD, Philippe KEITH & René GALZIN

fr Zoosystema 41 (12) - Pages 237-248

Published on 04 June 2019

Phylogeography of Neritina stumpffi Boettger, 1890 and Neritina canalis Sowerby, 1825 (Gastropoda, Cycloneritida, Neritidae)

The population genetic structure of Neritina stumpffi Boettger, 1890 in the Indo-Pacific and Neritina canalis Sowerby, 1825 in the Pacific Ocean were investigated using a fragment of the mitochondrial COI gene. The haplotype network of N. stumpffi showed a genetic structuration between the two oceans, with shared haplotypes. Concerning N. canalis, western Pacific and central Pacific populations are genetically structured, without shared haplotypes. The Coral Triangle appears to have played a filtering barrier role for N. stumpffi, whose presence in both oceans could be explained by the flow of the south-equatorial current. A barrier to the dispersal of N. canalis between the western and the central Pacific may also exist.

A corrigendum has been added to this article.


Phylogeography, larval dispersion, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, COI gene

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