Checklist of the Monogenea (Platyhelminthes) parasitic in Mexican aquatic vertebrates


en Zoosystema 39 (4) - Pages 501-598

Published on 29 December 2017

313 nominal species of monogenean parasites of aquatic vertebrates occurring in Mexico are included in this checklist; in addition, records of 54 undetermined taxa are also listed. All the monogeneans registered are associated with 363 vertebrate host taxa, and distributed in 498 localities pertaining to 29 of the 32 states of the Mexican Republic. The checklist contains updated information on their hosts, habitat, and distributional records. We revise the species list according to current schemes of classification for the group. The checklist also included the published records in the last 11 years, since the latest list was made in 2006. We also included taxon mentioned in thesis and informal literature. As a result of our review, numerous records presented in the list published in 2006 were modified since inaccuracies and incomplete data were identified. Even though the inventory of the monogenean fauna occurring in Mexican vertebrates is far from complete, the data contained in our checklist depict the actual knowledge about this group of flatworms in Mexico.


Platyhelminthes, Mexico, distribution, Actinopterygii, Elasmobranchii, Anura, Testudines.

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